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Immigration attorneyOur  Houston immigration attorney understands how difficult and stressful immigration can be – for both you and your family. Having worked with so many clients in the Houston area, we have seen the hurdles that immigrants and their families must overcome to live and work in the U.S. Our firm is dedicated to protect individuals and families like yours. From citizenship and naturalization to deportation and family law matters related to immigration, we work tirelessly on your behalf to get the best possible results from your case.

Please contact our firm to talk with an immigration attorney about your case. No matter how complicated or challenging it may seem, we are committed to helping you find the clearest path to your goal. We are standing by to help with your case. Our Houston immigration attorney speaks Mandarin and Taiwanese as well, so feel free to talk with us in the language that you are most comfortable with.

Citizenship and Naturalization

We understand your desire to become a U.S. citizen, and we are eager to provide the legal guidance you need to be successful. With a citizenship, you will have the ability to travel freely, vote, and you will be able to help your other family members get their green cards. But first, you must meet the requirements and make it through the application process. Get in touch with our office so we can help you get started.

Advance Parole

Advance parole can allow you to re-enter the country after you go abroad, but you must obtain it before you leave. Our team can help you obtain an advance parole before your departure.

Family-Based Immigration/Visa

Family-based immigration is one of the easiest ways to live and work in the U.S., but successfully obtaining a visa and/or green card still requires going through an extensive vetting process. We have experience with all aspects of family-based immigration, and can assist with your application.

Adjustment of Status

An Adjustment of Status offers you a way to change your immigration status without disrupting your life. We can help you prepare and complete the application.

Non-Immigrant Visa

Our firm can also provide the guidance necessary to successfully apply for a non-immigrant visa.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

We are familiar with the Texas juvenile courts, which means we have the experience necessary to help seek Special Immigrant Juvenile status for clients 21 or younger that are unmarried.

Deportation/Removal/Relief Proceedings

If you are facing deportation, it is vital that you contact our firm immediately so we can protect your rights. We have extensive experience with deportation-related cases, and are well-qualified to take on your case.

Immigration and Family Law

Immigration - PassportsFamily law issues, like divorce, become much more complicated when immigration is also involved. As an immigration and family law firm, we have the training and resources to represent you in all family law matters, and will do all in our power to protect you and your loved ones.

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