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Civil Matters

Our civil litigation team has the courtroom experience necessary to help you win your case. We will attempt to negotiate with the other party if possible – because it saves time and money – but if negotiations are not effective, you can depend on us to fight hard on your behalf.

We handle a variety of civil litigation matters, including:

Contract Disputes and Breach of Contract

All parties in a contract depend on all other parties to adhere to the agreement. Unfortunately, sometimes people and businesses choose to act in bad faith – which compromises everyone else in the agreement. Our firm is experienced in all types of contract disputes, including a breach of contract, and we can represent your company to ensure your rights are protected.

Business Disputes

Disputes between businesses cost time and money. Our firm is here to represent your interests both outside and inside the courtroom. We are your representatives, and we will push hard to see that your voice is heard and that your business is protected.

Consumer Actions

Our firm represents consumers who wish to take action against companies that have acted poorly, whether it’s selling faulty products or other dishonest practices.

Deceptive Trade Practices

We believe that honesty is key to a healthy and functional market. Deceptive trade practices must be identified and addressed effectively. Let us help you set things right through legal action.


Your reputation is everything. If you believe you are a victim of defamation, contact our firm immediately to discuss your legal options.

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